How Do You Keep Your Electric City Bike In The Rainy Season

- Jul 18, 2017-

How do you keep your Electric City Bike in the rainy season

And another season of plum rain. It was raining hard, and the rain poured down. It is a headache to go out on a wet home. What's more, the Electric City Bike, which is used as a vehicle for most people, can be "grumpy" from time to time, and even "strike" behavior, which can be very urgent and angry.

Electric bicycle as a tool for people to travel city, looks bare, direct contact with the rain, and even wade, let the electric city bicycle parts easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, the harm of Electric City Bike is great, therefore, timely maintenance of vehicles is very necessary.

Check before you drive

Entering into the rainy season, electric city bicycle wading in water, not only the Electric City Bike loss is very large, but also causes the frequency of accidents to increase greatly. Electric City Bike before driving, therefore, best can in advance to check the Electric City Bike brake system, lighting system, wheel system, etc are in good condition, if found the problem, must not easily.

1. Braking system: the wet road surface is wet and slippery, so that the grip and friction of the tires are greatly reduced, which can be easily skidded. Therefore, it is important to check the brake performance in advance.

2. Wheel system: wet and slippery on rainy days, before you travel, you can change your tires in time, preferably with a drainage pattern.

3. Light system: it is not good to travel on rainy days, especially during the night, make sure that the lights are fully lit before going out. On a rainy day, you can use it especially frequently, and you don't have any problem.

Slow down in the rain

Driving rain and slippery road, to try to slow slow, too fast, easy to slip and sideslip accidents, on the water surface at the same time, too fast, the electric bicycle by the water city, Electric City Bike battery, motor, instrument panel, charger, etc can cause severe damage. Therefore, the best way to do this is to drive slowly and keep a good distance from the front car.

A rainy day, the speed should not be too fast, soft brake, early judgment of road condition, avoid emergency. Avoid the accidental damage of the wheel side slip out of control.

2. Don't wade into the water easily: be careful to avoid deep water. If you are forced to wade through the water, you should choose a road with shallow water. The water depth should not exceed half of the wheel. Electric City Bikes are usually located in the heart of the rear wheel wheel. Once the motor is in damp or water, the light electric city bicycle cannot work, the heavy person is very likely to trigger the electric city bicycle self-ignition and so on a series of problems.

When driving, try to avoid the zebra crossing and road traffic signs. These places are a few millimetres above the ground and are slippery and slippery when wet.

4. When parking Electric City Bikes on rainy days, cover them with plastic sheets to protect the controller from rain.

After driving, you should take care of it

Electric bike riding after city, have to be care in a timely manner, don't let the car long time standing water, prevent be affected with damp be affected with damp, if it is not clear in time, certainly may trigger a series of problems, and there are some hidden trouble was not found on the spot, but there are potential hazards. This requires the car owner's detail check and care.

In summer, when the Electric City Bike is stored in the open air, it is better to keep the battery in the room. Do not turn on the power, which may lead to a short circuit. After heavy rain, the electric city bicycle can be put in a ventilated place to air dry, before the power start, should use the towel or the paper towel to wipe the battery and the connection socket, so as not to have the electricity situation.

Electric City Bike water mainly includes the following several ways, but these are for the Achilles' heel, everyone must have a good note, if found the problem, it is best to city to electric bicycle repair shop to repair in time

1. The motor water will short-circuit the circuit board and cause spontaneous combustion.

2. When the controller is in water, it will short-circuit the line.

3. The dashboard was flooded, the LCD display failed, the flower was changed, the display failed, and the signal was lost.

4. When the battery goes into water, it can leak, which can even cause a fire.

5. The charger is in water, completely discarded, can only replace the charger.