How To Adjust The Electric Mountain Bike Brake System

- Jun 30, 2017-

How to adjust the Electric Mountain Bike brake system
We all know that Electric Mountain Bike for a long time, the brakes will not be so flexible, then how to adjust the Electric Mountain Bike brake system?
1. Lubrication is an important part of the maintenance of Electric Mountain Bikes, scrubbing every six months to one year for the front axle, shaft, flywheel, fork fork and other fulcrums, and add butter or oil as needed.
2. Adjustment of the brake system: Loosen the screws on the brake wire holder and then tighten or loosen the brake wire so that the average distance between the two sides of the brake block from the rim is 1.5mm-2mm and then tighten the screws.
3. Electric Mountain Bike ride after a period of time sometimes the chain will be loose, the adjustment method is as follows:
Loosen the rear axle nut, tighten the chain until the chain is tight, and pay attention to the rear wheel parallel to the frame, and then tighten both sides of the nut. If the chain is tight, reverse the operation as described above. Chain elastic fit (sag 10mm-15mm).
4. Adjust the height of the handlebar, pay attention to the safety line on the saddle should not be exposed. And pay attention to the core screw tightening torque of not less than 18N.m. The torque of the bar fastening bolt is not less than 18N.m.
5. When adjusting the saddle height, pay attention to the safety line on the saddle should not be exposed, and pay attention to the saddle clamping nut and saddle tube clamping bolt tightening torque of not less than 18N.m.
6. should always check the performance of the gate is good, pay attention to rain, snow and riding when the increase in braking distance.
Now the city is increasingly congested, and parking is also particularly inconvenient, more and more friends choose the Electric Mountain Bike. Below the Linyi Electric Mountain Bike manufacturers to share the next: buy Electric Mountain Bike attention.
First, and is essential, the procedures of the invoice, certificate, warranty card, manual, soft and hard card for the kind of three no, remember not to buy, invoice is the most important, the car can not have anything, as long as there are invoices, It can be considered a regular car.
Second, check the appearance, see the paint, plating surface is intact; check the model should have auxiliary functions, such as: power display, speed, mileage display, etc.) is in a normal state.
Third, check accessories Electric Mountain Bike parts of the strength requirements and performance requirements should be higher than the bike. When purchasing, the user sees the quality of the parts used in the vehicle. Such as: the frame and the fork of the welding and Yuan surface is flawed, all parts manufacturing is good, double support is strong, whether the selection of tires brand, tight intelligence is rust and so on.
Fourth, according to the actual operation of the manual again, check the working status of the vehicle. Speed transition should be smooth, start without impact, the wheel rotation should be flexible, no sense of stagnation, the wheels turn the sound soft, no sound, the brake should be appropriate moderate, reliable braking.
What is the core of Electric Mountain Bike electrical system? Shandong Electric Mountain Bike manufacturers tell you that the controller, it is designed to have a number of protection function control system, with undervoltage, current limiting or overcurrent protection. In addition, the intelligent controller also has a variety of riding mode and vehicle electrical components self-test function.
The controller is the Electric Mountain Bike energy management and a variety of controller signal processing core, with stepless speed regulation, soft start, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection and brake power and other functions. Can protect the motor and battery, so that the current control output, produce the required power, and will not burn the motor. At present, the domestic development of electric bicycles, mostly to manually adjust the handle to decide their own power supply.
The main control board for the Electric Mountain Bike main circuit, with a large working current, work will be issued a greater heat. Therefore, the Electric Mountain Bike do not park in the sun exposure, do not rain for a long time, so as to avoid the controller failure.