How To Fix The Battery Plate Of Electric Bike

- Aug 18, 2017-

How to fix the battery plate of Electric Bike
Electric Bike after a period of time, if used improperly, the battery will appear such a problem, which is the battery plate softening is one of the more common problems. So encountered such a problem, but also can not repair it? How to fix it?
1, repair method: the battery discharge only 10.5V, with a deep discharge of bulbs 1-5 hours. Then use the activation instrument to activate the repair.
2, Note: water tools use glass, plastic and other straw. It is recommended to use a medical disposable syringe, easy to use and easy to measure. Filling tools can not use any metal-containing appliances, the syringe should be pulled out of metal needles, set a plastic tube after use.
The above is the Electric Bike battery plate softening repair method, so when our electric bike encountered this problem, do not have to replace the battery, according to the specific circumstances to determine whether to replace the battery or repair.
General we have just bought an electric bike will ask the seller need to pay attention to what aspects, the overall main question is about the charging problem, the following we let the Shandong Linyi Electric Bike manufacturers on the customer more frequently asked the two questions to sum up.
1, the new purchase of Electric Bikes before use need to charge
Expert solution: need. Because the battery factory to the sales need a process, the process of the battery are in a state of self-discharge, so that the voltage drop, the battery storage capacity is insufficient. Purchase the new battery should be fully charged before use.
2, usually use the process of how to charge
Experts answer: the battery charging time should be based on the length of the mileage, the longer the mileage, the longer the charging time; the other hand, is short. Charging time should be controlled within 12 hours, spring and summer charging time should be relatively shortened. General charger to green light after the float can continue to 1 to 2 hours, not a long charge, each ride to the mileage of 50% -70% after the charge for the best.
This is the new to buy Electric Bikes need to pay attention to the issue of charging, but also buyers often ask the question, hoping to have some help.
When we use the electric bike whenever the rainy day should pay attention to its proper shelter, but there are many friends to reflect how sometimes covered, the result is affected? This may be because there is no focus to find the location of the cover. In fact, Electric Bikes are more afraid of rain where there are three main areas, do these three aspects of protection, it is entirely possible to avoid Electric Bikes because of the damage caused by rain.
1, the controller part, this part of the more afraid of water, but now the general Electric Bikes will be installed waterproof parts, you can not focus on consideration.
2, the battery cable part of this component if the seal is not good, if the rain, may cause the battery short circuit, so be sure to focus on blocking.
3, the hood part of the circuit, in the rain, you can find a cover to cover the front of the object cover, waterproof flow into.
In fact, rain as long as the Electric Bike to do the above aspects of the block, you can avoid the short circuit caused by the impact of normal use. Of course, for the sake of aesthetics, if the conditions are still recommended to cover the entire electric bike.