How To Maintain Electric Bike In Winter

- Jun 14, 2017-

How to maintain Electric Bike in winter

Since the second half of the strongest cold air will affect most areas. This day and two days, and accompanied by strong winds, the temperature drop 6 ℃ to 12 ℃, the cooling strength. So today feel the feeling of winter coming soon. Today, electric bicycle manufacturers just talk about how to maintain electric bicycles in winter.

When the temperature is too low, we should try to shorten the use of electric bicycles, and timely charging. Therefore, riding electric bicycles in winter should not let the battery in a long time in the state of lack of electricity, be sure to develop a day regardless of the number of trips, the evening should be a good habit of timely charging. At the same time, the battery is best not to idle for a long time, electric bicycles such as winter do not, the best every month to give the battery charge a charge to ensure that the lead-acid battery storage capacity, while avoiding acid spill damage to the battery.

Winter in the electric bike early start, be sure to use foot power, do not "zero start" to avoid a lot of current discharge, or damage to the battery great. Electric bicycle driving process to ensure the safety of the premise, should minimize the number of brakes to avoid frequent start, so as not to affect the battery life.

Electric bicycles can be seen everywhere in our lives, and now the weather is getting warmer, and choose to ride electric bike more and more people, today we Shandong electric bicycle manufacturers to give you universal about the awareness of electric bicycles fire.

1. To always check the electric bicycle circuit plugs, to prevent contact is not strong caused by contact point ignition, fever; to avoid the aging of the line, wear and cause short circuit, the occurrence of string accidents.

2. Electric bicycle in the course of normal use, failure to choose a professional maintenance agencies or personnel, do not unauthorized removal of electrical protection devices to ensure that electrical circuits and protective devices in good condition.

3. Electric bicycle battery will run out of the combustible gas, so the charge must not be in a narrow, sealed environment, should be carried out in the outdoors, or remove the battery alone charge.

4. When charging to select the appropriate line, line laying should be fixed installation, to install short circuit and leakage protection device.

5. Electric bicycle charging must be away from flammable items, can not charge too long, charging time is too long, the charger overheating easily lead to fire, the charge should be in accordance with the provisions of the instructions to charge, charging time in principle not more than 10 Hours.

6. In the process of starting the electric bike, climbing should pedal help to prevent the start current is too large, the machine for a long time overload work, causing the motor coil, lines, batteries and governor overheating damage, and even brewed Into a disaster. To try to avoid in the rain, water sections of the road to prevent the motor into the water, charging short-circuit fire.

As long as we rational use of electric bicycles is not a fire like this kind of thing, mainly to remind you to use electric bicycles, charging time can put safety first.