How To Maintain Electric Mountain Bike In Summer

- Aug 18, 2017-

How to maintain Electric Mountain Bike in summer
Summer and winter there will be more extreme weather, so these two seasons in the maintenance of Electric Mountain Bike have to pay attention to the winter just past, the spring for the north is a relatively short season, then with the advent of summer , How can we maintain their own Electric Mountain Bike?
1, to avoid exposure to high temperatures in the sun: summer is strictly prohibited in the high temperature environment, the battery charging will produce heat, so that the battery temperature increases, if coupled with high temperature charging environment, easy to cause the battery to lose water premature dry.
2, encountered rainy days do not ride Electric Mountain Bike: in the rainy day, especially the rainy day ride Electric Mountain Bike driving, easy to Electric Mountain Bike bubble bad. So encounter rainy days, can not ride Electric Mountain Bike on the road, can not park the car in the open air.
3, do not "impatient" to avoid the brakes: summer should also try to avoid the brakes. Accelerate the time, especially when starting, should slowly turn the handle, and sometimes you can pause, until the speed up and then continue to accelerate. Car driving process, should not be frequent to start, brakes, in case of need to brake when you can advance to turn the handle, try to let the car by inertia. In this case, not only can avoid the high current discharge damage to the battery, but also can increase the continued mileage.
4, at the same time, summer charging time not too long (normal 8 hours or so). Electric Mountain Bike driving if the lack of electricity do not continue to drive should be timely charging. Followed by a long time do not use the car, should be filled after the full charge, and disconnect the circuit switch, and every 1 to 2 months but also to recharge the battery once.
Because the summer is a multi-raft season, in order to better protect the Electric Mountain Bike, it is best to prepare a car, both to avoid themselves and to avoid Electric Mountain Bike in the rain when the helpless. Spring has come, summer is already on the road, you are ready to meet its arrival?
Electric Mountain Bike controller is an important part of Electric Mountain Bike, for Electric Mountain Bike also has a lot of role, specifically including the following aspects:
1, drive the motor to rotate.
2, in the brake (brake) under the control of cut off the output current, to achieve brake control.
3, under the control of the turn to change the motor drive current, in order to achieve the motor speed adjustment.
4, the battery voltage detection, the battery stored voltage close to the "discharge termination voltage", through the controller panel (or instrument display panel) to show the lack of electricity to remind the rider to adjust their own travel, when the termination voltage, Through the sampling resistor to send the signal to the comparator, the circuit output protection signal, resulting in protection circuit according to a pre-set procedures issued instructions to cut off the current to protect the charger and battery.
5, over-current protection, Electric Mountain Bike the current is too large when the over-current protection circuit action, so that the motor stops, to avoid over-current to the motor and controller hazards. In addition, some controllers also have anti-speed protection, patrol speed limit and other functions.
The design quality, characteristics, Electric Mountain Bike the functions of the microprocessor, the power switch device circuit and the surrounding device layout are directly related to the performance and running status of the vehicle, and also affect the performance and efficiency of the controller itself. Different quality of the controller, used in the same car, equipped with the same group of the same charge and discharge state of the battery, and sometimes in the driving ability to show a greater difference.