Lithium Battery Applications Drive Electric City Bike Into A New Era

- Oct 11, 2017-

Although the lead-acid battery is still in the Electric City Bike market occupies an important position, but with all aspects of development, lithium batteries will gradually replace the lead-acid batteries in the use of Electric City Bike, the prospects are bright.
Lithium battery production enterprises, technology upgrades, capacity expansion, the use of increasingly wide range of areas for electric bicycles and electric motorcycle development prospects are very promising. The manufacturers have done the same volume and capacity in the case of lithium batteries and lead-acid battery price difference of 2.5 times (average price), the weight is one-fifth of lead-acid batteries, the life of lead-acid battery is four Times, so from the integrated (long-term) use cost point of view, lithium battery is dominant.
Lithium battery because of the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection by all walks of life welcome, and this also led the lithium battery Electric City Bike for further development for the development of Electric City Bike provides a new opportunity.
Many people use Electric City Bike friends have encountered such a problem, with the arrival of the winter temperature drop, electric city bicycle battery seems increasingly durable, and many people will think it is not the battery is not durable, in fact, and Not necessarily so. Because with the decline in temperature, electric city bicycle battery capacity will have a certain impact, the battery in the active material decreased. But do not worry, generally after the winter will be improved, then we take what measures in the winter, so that electric city bicycle battery can be more durable?
1, the winter battery storage, if the vehicle in the open air or cold storage for a few weeks when not in use, should remove the battery, stored in a warmer room, to prevent damage to the battery icing, should not be in the state of loss of power. Such as long-term do not have to charge a monthly electricity
2, increase the number of times to ride the winter Electric City Bike should not let the battery in the long-term lack of electricity in the state, be sure to develop a day regardless of the number of trips, the evening should be timely charging habits.
3, the battery clean, clean the battery terminal, and coated with special grease to protect is also very important, which can ensure that Electric City Bike start and reliable, to extend the battery life.
4, floating charge more benefits, most of the charger lights in the instructions after the lights are fully charged, as far as possible to continue 1-2 hours of floating charge, the suppression of battery curing is also good.
5, can not be overcharged, electric city bicycle battery charge can not be excessive, "overcharge" will lead to battery damage. Electric city bicycle battery if you do not stop after a long time, the charging current will continue to enter the battery, the voltage will continue to rise, the voltage rise will increase the thermal reaction of the electrolyte, ranging from the battery shell will be deformed, Weight is caused by the battery was burst burst.
This is in the winter when charging should pay special attention to several aspects, in general, the temperature is too low in the winter, to minimize the use of Electric City Bike time, and timely charging can effectively extend the battery life.
Electric City Bike instrumentation is one of the important parts of Electric City Bike, in addition to the basic instructions function, it can in some ways can reflect the status of Electric City Bike. But many people in the use of Electric City Bike when they often overlook the function of the instrument, and even just let it play a decorative function. Here we come to understand how to use Electric City Bike instrument, the use should pay attention to what aspects.
1, the voltage value of different instruments, in addition to the current meter are not allowed to replace each other, so as not to damage the instrument.
2, the water temperature sensor must be a good grounding, the sensor wire can not be ground, short circuit, so as not to damage the water temperature table.
3, often wipe the surface of the Electric City Bike instrument, on the one hand to prevent dust and oil intrusion inside the instrument damage core, on the other hand also easy to observe the dynamics of the instrument pointer.
4, to master the performance of the instrument and the instrument indicates the state and the engine part of the work of the relationship between the state, in order to indicate the status of the instrument to determine the working conditions of the engine to find the fault location and the reasons.
5, the engine starts, we must observe the dynamic of the instrument, found abnormal, timely processing; in the process of running, should also often observe the dynamics of the instrument in order to grasp the work of the relevant system.