Long-term Use Of Electric Tricycle To Avoid Little Things

- Dec 27, 2016-

Long-term use of electric tricycle, to avoid problems, the power led is not lit on the dashboard is one of the most common problems. This situation may be caused by instrument or line, or it could be mainly due to motor when the power led does not light motor are working properly.

Electric tricycle instrument panel power indicator is not lit and motor functioning. There may be no voltage between the positive and negative leads of the dial, Connector connection is bad or plug the fuse circuit breaker as long as these conditions or changing lanes. When electric tricycle led is damaged, need to replace or repair the tubes for processing. Circuit breakers are on the circuit board of the dial, replace to replace or repair the instrument circuit board in a timely manner.

Of course, these questions about electric tricycles were relatively simple, if it is the motor problems, such as unable to find reason or cannot be processed, please send to electric tricycles in the maintenance department.