Old Scooter Bring Convenience To The Lives Of The Elderly

- Dec 27, 2016-

Appeared on the market a variety of bait called the "old Scooter" not only confused elderly friend's eyes and was driving to bring great security risk to the elderly, the disabled, Governments enacted policies to prohibit these "old Scooter" driven on the road.

Strictly speaking: real old electric scooter products is from the original belongs to the class of medical devices electric wheelchairs evolved, product design and driving habits more suited to older persons, persons with disabilities. But also people from the original electric wheelchair disabled people extend to the majority of immobile elderly. Products of design production are reference national electric bike of national standard and the electric wheelchair car of national standards, in some parameter index aspects even more strictly Yu above of 2 a national standards, speed design in 10 km/h within, whole car chassis height in 8cm, brake brake distance in 0.5 meters within, from all aspects are is better than originally of electric wheelchair car, is electric wheelchair car of evolution upgrade models, can meet General old friends of travel travel of needs, while provides more full of security guarantees.