Principle Of Electric Vehicle Technology

- Dec 27, 2016-

Electric motor as an alternative fuel, driven by the motor without automatic transmission. Relative to the automatic transmission, motor structure, mature technology and reliable running.

Traditional internal-combustion engine speed when high torque is limited to a narrow range, this is why the traditional internal combustion engine needs large and complex causes of transmission and motor speed range can be used in a wide range of efficient torque in pure electric vehicle driving does not require shifting transmission, easy manipulation, and low noise.

Compared with hybrid cars, pure electric cars using a single electrical energy, electrical control system greatly reduces internal mechanical transmission system, the structure is simplified and also reduces energy consumption and noise caused by friction of mechanical parts, save interior space and weight.

New energy vehicles for motor drive control system is the main structure of the vehicle, drive motor and its control system is the core of new energy vehicle parts (battery, motor, electric control), one of the driving characteristics of the car's key performance indicators, which are important parts of electric vehicles. Electric in the of fuel battery car FCV, and mixed power car HEV and pure electric EV three big class are to with motor to drive wheels driving, select right of motor is improve various electric price of important factors, so development or perfect can while meet vehicles driving process in the of the performance requirements, and has substantial durable, and cost low, and effectiveness high features of motor drive way is extremely important.