Summer Electric City Bike Charging Should Pay Attention To Matters

- Aug 18, 2017-

Summer Electric City Bike charging should pay attention to matters
Electric City Bike An environmentally friendly, clean, high conversion rate for the power of the application-driven vehicles. Has now been widely used, as the majority of close traveler travel tool. Due to the use of electricity, so the Electric City Bike to promote the transport industry, low-carbon development, energy conservation, environmental protection, and reduce transportation costs, then the summer electric city bicycle charging should pay attention to what matters, today Shandong Electric City Bike manufacturers to everyone Details under the Electric City Bike charging Note:
1, with the gradual increase in the temperature of the summer, Electric City Bike because of its power to promote the principle of some problems. The battery in the use and charging process will produce too much heat, with the heat to improve the electric city bicycle battery corresponding to the corresponding electrolyte will evaporate, high temperature hot weather battery will follow the temperature rise, prolonged exposure to High temperature conditions of the battery will appear similar to the phenomenon of dehydration.
2, in the time of charging, we need to relatively low temperature in the environment to charge, the summer temperature itself is high, coupled with the high temperature when charging, for the Electric City Bike around things is very dangerous ;
3, when charging, pay attention to avoid rain, to prevent rain into the dust, resulting in electrical appliances are not available;
4, in the charging time, when the power display full grid, we should promptly unplug the charger;
5, electric city bicycle battery in the charging light for a long time did not jump green situation, long time will make the electric city bicycle battery scrapped. Eliminate the charger failure, should be to the maintenance point to the battery replenishment. Therefore, in the summer Electric City Bike users must pay attention to the Electric City Bike charging, the battery directly determines the use of the vehicle, otherwise it can only change the battery, thus increasing the cost.
   We all know that the popularity of Electric City Bike is very high, but many people in the purchase of Electric City Bike did not know how to start, especially guided tours of the hills, but do not know how to choose, now responsible for the Shandong Electric City Bicycle manufacturers wholesale professionals will teach you the recipe, let you choose to the satisfaction of the Electric City Bike.
    1, looking for feeling, the feeling is the most important, only riding comfort is suitable for their own Electric City Bike. You can try to ride, feel the start of the vehicle, speed up, driving is smooth, the vehicle is comfortable, check the brake tightness, handlebar flexibility, wheel activity.
    2, look at the configuration, the relevant important parts, such as batteries, motors, chargers, controllers, tires, turn brake pads and so on for the brand products, the motor is best to choose brushless. Choose a certain brand of Electric City Bike can guarantee the quality and aftermarket, like my company's Electric City Bike in terms of quality and after sales will be able to meet your needs.
    3, check the production license, the use of instructions, certificate is valid, complete, check the car with accessories are complete.
    4, pick models, look at the appearance, different models, its safety and performance differences. Recommended to buy simple, lightweight; pay attention to the surface smooth, gloss, pay attention to welding, paint, plating quality.
    The above is our purchase of Electric City Bike to pay attention to several aspects, know the attention to the content, in order to pick up more than the optional self-satisfied Electric City Bike.