Teach You How To Maintain Electric Bike In The Rainy Season

- Sep 20, 2017-

Teach you how to maintain Electric Bike in the rainy season
And again to the season of the rainy season. A moment of rain rhythm, a moment of rain poured down and down. Refreshing cool out, wet home, people quite a headache. More terrible is that as most people travel vehicles, Electric Bike from time to time will be "bad temper", or even "strike" behavior, people anxious.
Electric Bike as people's travel tools, the appearance of exposed, direct contact with the rain, and even wading and over, so that Electric Bike parts vulnerable to moisture, great harm to Electric Bike, therefore, timely maintenance of the car is necessary.
Check before driving
Into the rainy season, Electric Bike wading, not only the loss of Electric Bike is very large, but also led to the frequency of accidents greatly improved. Therefore, the electric bike before driving, it is best to be able to check the Electric Bike in advance of the braking system, lighting systems, wheel systems are intact, such as finding the problem, must not easily travel.
First, the braking system: rainy road slippery, so that the tire grip and friction greatly reduced, prone to slippery situation, so to check the car's braking performance is complete.
Second, the wheel system: rainy day slippery, before travel, you can change the tire in time, the best choice of drainage tires.
Third, the light system: rainy day line of sight is not good, especially at night travel, before going out must ensure that the lights are complete lights. In the rain will be particularly frequent use, can not be the slightest problem.
Slow to slow down the rain
Rainy day driving, the road slippery, to try to slow down the speed, too fast, prone to slip and slip and other accidents, while in the water pavement, too fast, Electric Bike by the water, Electric Bike batteries, Dashboards, chargers, etc. will cause bad damage. Therefore, the best practice of rain is slow driving, but also to maintain a good distance with the car in front of the distance.
One, rainy days, the speed should not be too fast, gentle brakes, early to determine the road conditions, avoid the rapid brake. To avoid the wheel slip out of control to bring you accidental injury.
Second, do not wade: to pay attention to avoid the deep water after the place. If you have to wade in case of wading, should choose a shallow water pavement, the water depth is best not to exceed half of the wheel. The Electric Bike's motor is usually located in the middle of the rear wheel wheel center. Once the motor damp or water, light Electric Bike can not work, the most likely to cause Electric Bike and a series of spontaneous combustion problems.
Third, the vehicle in the driving, to try to avoid those zebra line and road traffic signs line. These places are a few millimeters higher than the ground and relatively slippery, rain water, easy to slip.
Fourth, the rainy day parking electric bike, covered with plastic sheeting to protect the controller is not wet by the rain.
After the trip to timely care
Electric Bike driving, to timely care, do not let the car for a long time there is water, to prevent damp, if not promptly cleaned, there must be a series of problems may arise, and some hidden dangers are not found on the spot, but there Potential hazards. Which requires more details of the owner of the inspection and care.
Summer rainy, Electric Bike open storage, it is best to remove the battery indoors. Do not rush to power, this approach may lead to the emergence of short circuit conditions. After the rain, you can put the Electric Bike in a ventilated place to dry, before the start of power, you should first use a rag or paper towel to clean the battery and connect the socket, so as to avoid connected situation.
Electric Bike water mainly include the following circumstances, but these cases are fatal injuries, we must pay attention to, if found the problem, it is best to go to the Electric Bike repair shop in time for repair.