The Development Of Foreign Electric Bikes Affect China's Electric Bike Industry

- Nov 02, 2017-

The development of foreign Electric Bikes affect China's Electric Bike industry
On the actual market point of view, the development of Electric Bike industry in recent years is very rapid, what is the reason? First of all, the environment, many foreign countries have this awareness, the development of science and technology can not be accompanied by the destruction of the environment and growth, the development of Japan for so many years, the beginning did not have this awareness, but blindly make money, a good environment , One is the policy, regulations, one is the development and development of the environment. The second of them learn from R & D to the production and production of a chain, South Korea is the beginning of the introduction, but after the introduction of their digestion, independent research and development, their business use, the government encourages, and then developed things, This is also the government guide. Today's national government departments have this guide to electric green energy.
Again, why is the electric bike so successful? Because the market, social development needs, people can accept, and love. You really want to accept the market, which is to hope that the government to create such an environment. The protection of the environment is certainly recommended by the government departments to promote, and many people think that China's Electric Bikes and abroad there are still some gaps, this gap is there, but the domestic Electric Bike industry is not bad, and some places Performance is also particularly prominent, one of the main reasons is that Electric Bikes are a car, and their auto industry itself with a gap between foreign countries, did not grasp the core technology, the world's second-class car production, and most of the joint venture , Not their own brand, said in front of an electric bike is a car, domestic start late, it is above the parts in some small factories did not completely cross the border, you have to engage in hybrid, all computer control, all have Engine control, the current engine can not be completely controlled.
In a transmission, but also by the computer control, and now this is not completely clearance, motor, battery, completely cross the border is to do the requirements of the market, now lithium electric bike is the mainstream of market development, the battery can completely replace the past Of the old battery, but certainly is to slowly occupy the market, after all, the old product or a lot.
There is the use of technology, Electric Bikes is the automotive and electrical technology, we have to technology and electrical technology better integration, optimization. Hybrid 1 + 1> 2, after the electricization to play the advantages of electric. We should be more to strengthen their own research and development capabilities, started their own brand. Electric Bike manufacturers that through their own characteristics to develop our own characteristics of Electric Bikes. So that our electric bike features and performance can certainly go beyond abroad.
Electric Bike manufacturers, users want to extend the life of Electric Bikes, save unnecessary expenses in the daily life should do the battery maintenance work, the following may wish to come to find out what!
First of all, in the daily car, try not to let the Electric Bike accidental damage, do not let the water flooded the motor center, when the controller must start to open the car lock, get off after closing the door.
Second, usually tire inflatable enough, summer should avoid prolonged sun exposure, it is best to develop the habit of charging every day, do not wait for electricity and then re-charge, so as to avoid the deep discharge and shorten the battery life.
Third, do not charge in the case of battery upside down, if the Electric Bike long-term placement is not, but also the best regular charge, to avoid the occurrence of salt reaction, and charging to use matching charger to avoid confusion and affect the use of charging effect. Charger to avoid high temperature and humidity, do not let the water into the charger to prevent electric shock, to bring personal safety risks.