The Factors That Affect The Development Of Electric Bike For The Battery Life Mileage

- Sep 11, 2017-

The factors that affect the development of Electric Bike for the battery life mileage
    The real impact of Electric Bike growth factor for the battery life mileage
The factors that affect the development of Electric Bike for the battery life mileage
    Electric Bikes can really rapid growth, was widely public reception, determined to strength is not whether there is policy support, but the Electric Bike's own electric skills, battery life and the convenience of charging, is the impact of Electric Bike can really rapid growth The elements of determination.
    Whether the Electric Bike can supply the same convenience and user experience as the ancient power car, which is the most important factor in the success of the Electric Bike. If the mileage of the Electric Bike is very short, or the charging is very convenient, Even if it is met in Guangzhou to buy such a chance, the meaning will not be particularly poor. Deterministic strength is still from the product itself, the policy support is only to promote the use of. And car owners summer air conditioning, but also put DVD, Listen to the radio, rainy day to wiper, and midnight driving lights, and even the brakes have to power, this will be reduced car life talent.
    Thus, an excellent Electric Bike, to carefully investigate the function and quality of the battery.
Electric Bike property innovation to establish the "system engineering" definition, the initial growth of Electric Bike property to promote the significance of trade is extremely significant.
    For all the trade of trade, should be "car and mobile power" supporting system skills engineering perspective, from the electric vehicle, energy battery and power supply three different technical boundaries of the property chain,
    On the property system positioning, skills, separation of nodes, the scale of supporting the development of network construction planning and methods, long-term development of the property development system, rather than just stand in the vehicle products to explore one-sided.
    Committed to the innovation of Electric Bike properties and growth, to provide you with high-quality products.
Electric bike is a new product of the mall, but the Electric Bike listed at the exhibition were welcomed by middle-aged and old people. It was organized by the Yunnan Provincial Employment Committee Office, Yunnan Daily Newspaper Group 2012 Pan Asia (Kunming) Property exhibition opened in Kunming.
    It is reported that the exhibition to "respect for the elderly and make the United States as the theme" as the theme, from the beginning of yesterday, the end of 29. The exhibition focused on the needs of appropriate products and services for the elderly, A supply and demand linked to the channel, to build each year the property news communication platform.
    The organizers hope that after this exhibition, so that the whole society concerned about the old age groups, so that the elderly feel warm, truthfully put the Huibu old, thick policy came to reality. "Care for the needs of the elderly from the warmth of the soul , The need to listen to the voice of his later years, concerned about the mental health of old age.
    Electric Bikes received in the show sought after, user-friendly design, a lot of fine for the sake of the old man, so that part of the old audience excited! Late-season scooter and three late-year car must be the future of Electric Bike in the future mall!
Electric Bike inherent quality improvement is the key: motor, controller, charger, battery. The quality of the four pieces and the suitability of the four pieces are critical to the improvement of the performance of the Electric Bike. As the battery, motor, charger, controller four pieces each have a specific best operating parameters, so the choice of four pieces, but also need to focus on the four pieces of the best fit between the parameters. Only the best fit, in order to make the four pieces play extremely extreme. Extend the battery life, thereby enhancing the performance of the vehicle.
a. motor: In addition to light Electric Bike selection of electric wheels, the main selection is a small power DC series motor. Have a strong overload capacity, the product is more mature.
b. controller: configuration speed controller (or speed pedal) controller, so that the motor speed control handy, that is, the speed can be arbitrarily adjusted in the driver's wishes. The controller also has many ancillary functions: current limiting protection, undervoltage protection, soft start function, anti-speed function, fault self-diagnosis function. For these subsidiary functions are not available on the market all the governor, in the purchase of consumers to pay special attention.