The Maintenance Methods Of Electric Bicycle Battery

- Nov 11, 2017-

As a common means of transportation, electric bicycles play a good role. However, during the using process, some users found that electric quantity decreased a lot when it’s in cold winter. But it is also extend the charging time. Why this is happen? Let's introduce the maintenance method of electric bicycle battery.


Aiming at this problem, we specially asked the electric bicycle repair shop staff. We know that, the best working environment temperature of battery is 15 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius. If you exceed the temperature range, then the battery's performance will be negatively affected, which could lead to shorter battery life.


That is to say, in an ideal temperature range, electric bicycle can guarantee a better driving state, while in low temperature environment, because all power in the battery cannot be released, so the range will reduce a lot. Therefore, in the winter, we need to do the battery maintenance work more. First of all, when charging, we should form a good habit of charging on time, and when charging, should plug the battery plug, and plug the power plug.


When the electric bicycle is recharged, the main power should be cut off and the battery plug is unplugged. Second, when starting up, we should avoid large current discharge, in the time of climbing, the best use of manpower to push or to facilitate riding, lest damage to the battery.


Finally need to remind everybody is, in the use of six months later, had better be to professional pits, do a maintenance for electric bicycle batteries, battery electrolyte, replenish adjust well the proportion of the electrolyte, and to examine its electricity situation, this can be appropriate to prolong the service life.