The Performance And Price Of Electric Folding Bicycles

- May 27, 2017-

 Electric Folding Bike The performance and price of electric folding bicycles. Folding Electric Bicycle (Folds the ...). Folding electric bike, the English name YikeBike, is a by the New Zealand bike enthusiasts invented the folding miniature electric car

  It is an innovative electric bike, the design concept stems from the old front wheel large rear wheels of a small bike, giving a unique feeling. Rider can sit straight body, put his hand on the side of the side of the rudder, finger operation accelerator and brake, and feet firmly on the footstool, the maximum speed of up to 12 miles per hour (about 20 kilometers per hour). Riders do not need to strenuous pedal, so save a lot of physical strength. YikeBike weighs about 20 pounds (about 9 kg), using lithium phosphate battery, can be filled with 80% of electricity in 20 minutes. The car is a new type of electric car that combines the advantages of folding bicycles and electric bikes. According to plan, the first 100 YikeBike will be in 2010 to do well in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and some other European countries on the road to prepare.

  Electric Folding Bike To ride this car, first need to sit straight body, put the hand on the side of the helm, finger operation accelerator and brake, and feet just firmly on the footstool. Bicycle seat design and specifications are very user-friendly, riders do not need to strenuous pedal, saving a lot of physical strength. On the front side, the rider is like sitting on the bar's high stool, driving at a speed of 17 kilometers per hour, as if a person does not move his legs floating and eye-catching.

  Inventors spent five years to develop the transformation of the car, will be equipped with internal motor, greatly improving the speed of operation. The noise emitted by the car is not large, just start, it sounds like an ordinary electric milk truck, high-speed operation, the sound weakened a lot.

  Electric Folding Bike The inventor said that at first they intended to design a wheelbarrow, but then found to the general public, not easy to ride, so they finally adopted a large front wheel round design. Although in the Victorian era of London appeared on the front wheel of the rear wheels of a small bike prototype, but the body was too tall, the rider is easy to fall injured. In contrast, their new invention YikeBike more compact, more secure, suitable for anyone riding. None of them had fallen on YikeBike in their experience of riding a bicycle.