The Use Of Electric Folding Bike Is Noted And Maintained

- Jul 18, 2017-

The use of Electric Folding Bike is noted and maintained

(I) must comply with the operation requirements of Electric Folding Bike.

(2) the design standard load of Electric Folding Bike is 75kg. When the load exceeds 90kg, the battery and motor will be damaged.

(3) the battery cannot be shelved for a long time, and the battery should be recharged at least once a month. When the battery is discharged, it must be fully charged, otherwise the battery life will be greatly affected, and the heavy users will cause the battery to die.

(4) when the power is used up, the system will power off automatically. But after turn off the power supply, the battery will be reabsorbed "virtual" voltage (reactive voltage), then must charge again after use, otherwise it will cause the battery discharge, it will be irreparable damage in the battery.

(5) the range of Electric Folding Bike is 40-50km. Actual use line continuation mileage will be affected by many factors, such as frequent braking, start, on the road surface is uneven, the temperature is too low, steep slope, luff, tires under-inflated, capacity is too big).

(6) Electric Folding Bike pay attention to the display of the front of the car. Power after opening, the vehicle is in a state can be electric bike, the red power light emitting, green, yellow, power indicator light emitting at the same time, as cycling power, when the green light, yellow light goes out, that the battery is about to run out, at the moment should stop electric bike ride, and as soon as possible to recharge the battery.

(7) all preparations must be made before riding to ensure cycling safety.

(1) it is strictly forbidden to taxi to and from the car to ensure the safety of users.

(2) the power switch can be turned on after getting into the car, and the power lock switch must be turned off before getting off.

(3) Electric Folding Bike when adjusting the height of the saddle and the car, the safety line on the saddle pipe and riser shall not be exposed.

(4) slow acceleration should be done when riding. From 0-20km/h, the acceleration time is not less than 10S to keep the ride smooth.

(5) Electric Folding Bike minimize startup times. The economic speed of this car (the most economical driving speed) is generally 16-18km/h.

(6) while riding, pay attention to the braking distance of 4m, and double the braking distance on rainy days.

(8) put the transverse tube, and the tightening torque of the riser is 16-18n. M. (9) the tightening torque of the saddle and saddle pipe fastener is 18-20n. M.

(10) the rear wheel tightening torque is 40-45n. M; The front wheel tightening torque is 18-20n. M.

(11) Electric Folding Bike the front brake skin should be parallel to the compression surface of the hub. The gap between brake skin and hub is not greater than 3mm; Brake looseness to hold the brake handle to the handle 10mm when the handle is appropriate. When the brake is not brake, the brake skin shall not be in contact with any part of the wheel, and the brake skin shall be replaced in time to avoid damage to the circuit.

(12) the spokes should be relaxed and the chain should not be touched with the body. When adjusting, the distance between the rear wheel and the central axis can be adjusted. The increase of the chain is controlled at 10-15mm.

(13) no oil is added in the rear wheel.

(14) Electric Folding Bike the tyre pressure should be properly inflated, causing the aluminum ring to deform; Excessively low causing the outer tire to crack and bite the inner tube; Leak the inner tube.

(15) when charging, note:

(1) first plug the charger outlet into the battery's charging socket and then connect the input to the power supply ac 220V.

(2) Electric Folding Bike when charging the charger red indicates that the charge is normal. Before full charge, the green light will be bright, and the green light will be turned on for 1 to 3 hours for the best.

(3) unplug the ac power when charging and unplug the plug with the battery.

(4) it is forbidden to connect the charger to ac power for a long time without charging.

(5) the battery box can be charged and charged directly in the car.

(6) Electric Folding Bike if the battery box is taken down and charged, when the battery box is recharged, it must be locked, in case the battery box loosens and causes the power failure.

(7) when charging directly in the car, it is strictly forbidden to turn on the power lock of the Electric Folding Bike to prevent burning the charger.

(8) when charging, the surrounding environment should be ventilated and without fire, so be sure to use the charger that conforms to the configuration.

(9) when the charger is working, keep it out of contact with the child to avoid danger.

(10) gently handle and avoid shaking.

(16) try to prevent the motor from starting from zero. It is better to start the motor before starting the motor, so as not to start at zero, the current will greatly affect the life of the battery, motor and so on.

(17) when riding on a rainy day, precautions should be taken to prevent the inside of the controller and the inside of the motor, causing short-circuit damage.

(18) uphill climbing, upper bridge and top wind, the battery power flow through the big impact motor and battery life, it is best to assist the cycling.