Tourist cars purchase of should be aware of the following issues

- Dec 27, 2016-

1, bike nut fastening screw should be tightened, not loose and fall off.

2, all rotating parts should be flexible in operation, shall not stay stuck, stiff. Such as: front and rear wheel should rotate flexible, and do not swing around and bounce up and down, 

about to stop wheel should be able to do before and after a brisk swing, don't suddenly stop turning. Around the handlebar turns freely, pedal axle and the crank should be fastened and 

not loose with each other, and rotational flexibility.

3 strain, variable speed variable speed range is correct, speed should be clear, there shall be no gap in the middle.

Chain 4, tight fit, flexible operation. Repeatedly to reverse by hand crank sprocket, chain operation is flexible, not jumping onto the chain and dropping.

5, with both hands holding the saddle before and after the section above, a hand down the front of the saddle, saddle front end not collapsed. Then uses both hands to horizontal saddle, 

saddles should not be turning.

6, brakes and braking systems of choice: the hands hold the handlebars, separate left and right before and after the brake at the same time push-pull bike wheels at this time should not 

be running release the handle, the brake system should be able to quickly reset.

7, all parts and surfaces should be clean and free from dirt, rust, and logo decals should be complete, clear, Bian Mao no sharp spines, such as clay and chain cover edges should not be 

difficult to feel, brake steel rope ends should be fitted with protective covers.

8, observed parts of the brand or label. Generally good parts are clearly obvious trademark mark and a beautifully clear and mark little in the inferior or rougher.

9, the position switch is sensitive and reliable.

10, speed stable, reliable. Slowly turn the speed control handle, motor should be a smooth start, speed up, after you release the handle, the handle can be quickly reset motor uniform 


11, brake power failure quickly and reliably. Rotational speed control handle, motor running, pinch after brake brakes, motor power, such as a battery indicator, you can see the display

 returns to zero.

12, battery easy. Lead-acid battery weighs about 13.5kg, as they have to daily Assembly and disassembly, so the location of the battery must be suited to their body.