Tourist Cars Purchase Of Should Pay Attention To The Following Points

- Dec 27, 2016-

Electric sightseeing vehicle styles and diverse brands on the market complex. How do consumers choose electric sightseeing cars? must first understand the brand manufacturer with electric sightseeing cars certified enterprises have passed the national light industry Council, qualified acceptance. The technical development, production, spare parts supply, product quality and after-sales service are equipped with modern production conditions. Also brand production history, brand awareness, brand in the industry rankings, winning numerous awards. Electric sightseeing cars are durable products? service reputation is more important to look at brand and retailer's business reputation. Also according to their own favorite. To choose the color, style, function, and price electric sanitation trucks.

When purchasing through vendor guide and according to the instructions for the actual operation again. Control speed, wheel sound, braking performance is good. The wheels should be flexible, without the heavy feeling. Controller battery indicator normal speed over smoothing. Starting without the shock, wheels turn sound softer. Paints and electroplating bumping noise outside light, no peeling. Try the charger remain normal. Buy motorized sanitation truck after truck accessories, manual, warranty card and invoice receipt save. Local to be given warranty card warranty address? user send cards to local authorized repair station for the record. Makes it easy for users to enjoy good service and maintenance. Electric sightseeing cars as green transportation? in the 21st century brought great changes to human society. Adapt to the current international trend of technological development, electric vehicles, as China's entry into the 21st century