What Are The Factors Restricting The Consumption Market Of Electric Folding Bike

- Jul 07, 2017-

What are the factors restricting the consumption market of Electric Folding Bike

From the perspective of the economic situation of our country for 10 consecutive years of high growth miracle Electric Folding Bike industry, is once again refresh record last year, create a production and sales of 35.05 million units, up 13% amazing performance. In the revitalization of the weak global economy, China's economic data were not ideal backdrop, Electric Folding Bike industry is like a shining star is active on the stage of China's industrial, is full of expectation and daydream. Tianjin electric folding bike manufacturer's many Electric Folding Bike big car companies are not expected to play an important role on this stage. However, the Electric Folding Bike is closely related to the national economy and the income of the common people, and is closely connected with the macro situation of the country. From the economic situation of our country,

1. The consumer market is saturated

From last year, according to information released by the China bicycle association has increased to 142 million cars Electric Folding Bike in China society, every hundred households have developed cities Electric Folding Bike, more than 30 units. Especially in jiangsu, shandong, zhejiang, henan and anhui, the number of Electric Folding Bike per 100 households has already been more than 33. Feedback from dealers in various regions to buy Electric Folding Bike, the incremental consumption is less than 10%. The reflection shows that the stock update consumption has been dominated, and the market saturation has been revealed. Because of the saturation of the market, the boom of Electric Folding Bike industry will gradually fade away, and the market will not be able to absorb the sales volume of more than 35 million vehicles per year. If in 2012, is the highest peak of Electric Folding Bike both production in our country, so, the next few years our country Electric Folding Bike demand will keep stable state, a record of the production or will become history.

2. The lack of technology can hinder the expansion of the market

It is well known that in the future, the consumption of Electric Folding Bike will gain new growth. More incremental sales in mature markets is already very difficult, and only a run on the fuel motorcycle consumption group. Now, however, many mountains with the edge of the market is still mainly motorcycle, Electric Folding Bike if you want to take the motorcycle market, must achieve three major breakthroughs: one is the motor in a relatively small electrical flow to achieve the maximum torque, on the motor rated power of the existing more than 10% of the energy breakthrough, this requires to revolutionary transformation of currently used motor, based on the consideration of present motor technical force, is unable to do this; Second, lead battery to achieve instantaneous large current discharge, reach the lithium battery power, but due to heavy metals such as lead battery is enforced to state cadmium requirement, this desire is difficult to breakthrough in technology. Thirdly, the circuit and mechanical system of the vehicle are not yet in the best matching state, and it is not easy to make technological improvement in a relatively short period of time. Therefore, the incremental market of Electric Folding Bike to grab a motorcycle in 2013 is very difficult.

Overdraft consumption will be revealed this year

The consumption of Electric Folding Bike has entered the era of growth through stimulation. And the overcapacity is the specific performance of the manufacturers to push the "old replacement". While the tried-and-true "trade-in" campaign is a big boost to consumption, it is also overdrawing the needs of the future of the market. Part according to the region, according to the dealer feedback information to increase sales of last year, mainly through the access to old change new activities, and many manufacturers and distributors of scrappage is obvious sales decline phenomenon in different degrees. Visible, consumer is promotional guide, will be ahead of Electric Folding Bike in the "cash-for-clunkers", which led to the part of the large automobile enterprise brilliant industry production and sales, it is understood that a large number of cars in the city second-hand car dumping to the rural market, low price of only 5000 yuan, or less, has greatly attracted rural consumption among young people.