What Should Be Noted When Inflating The Electric Folding Bike?

- Jun 30, 2017-

What should be noted when inflating the Electric Folding Bike?
Electric Folding Bike driving power in addition to test the battery, but also its tires, tires for its travel to provide the most basic guarantee, if the tire problems, Electric Folding Bike can not travel. Therefore, in the Electric Folding Bike tires inflated, we should pay attention to grasp the sense of proportion.
If the Electric Folding Bike tire pressure is too low, will lead to excessive sidewall flexion, resulting in excessive tire heat, causing carcass relaxation, strong decline, degumming or even damage. At the same time, the tire ground area increased, the shoulder part of the wear and tear to speed up. If there is a tire in a tire, driving will also make the majority of the vehicle load to another tire and cause serious overload. Tire pressure is too high, the tire cord will be excessive, serious will pull off. And will reduce the tire's ground area, increase the tire unit area of the load, resulting in rapid wear and tear of the crown, easy to produce crown blasting.
To the Electric Folding Bike tires appropriate inflatable, so that driving can achieve the desired degree, while the tire can extend the service life. Inflated too much or inadequate in addition to the threat of security, but also make the wear and tear uneven, so that your driving more unstable, more easily because of overheating and damage. Inflation will make the battery power consumption faster. Therefore, the user checks the air pressure at least once a month with a barometer and checks the pressure inside the tire when the tire is cooled.
Assembled electric folding bicycles from the performance or life, much worse than the original car. How to identify the Electric Folding Bike is original or assembled? The following by the professional Electric Folding Bike manufacturers to share with you four to see the principle.
1, see inspection certificate. Original car factory inspection have qualified to prove that the assembly car is generally not.
2, to see whether the various parts of the vehicle manufacturers of steel stamps. The original car parts, including motor, frame, front brake, wheel, seat, etc., there will be manufacturers of steel, car can be carefully checked. Some lawless elements may also be fake on the seal, but it is difficult to all parts are false.
3, see the rear view mirror, the trademark on the key. Original car manufacturers have trademarks.
Electric Folding Bike battery life is not long for many reasons, which, the correct use of the charger is the most important step, the following Shandong Electric Folding Bike manufacturer to introduce you to the Electric Folding Bike charger precautions.
1, do not use other brands of chargers to charge the battery, other types of batteries should not be used to charge the charger, unless authorized by the company's authorized professionals before use.
2, the use of chargers When charging the battery pack, you should first plug the charger into the battery charging socket, and then the charger's mains input plug into the AC mains power socket; charge after the end, you should first Remove the mains plug, and then remove the charger output plug.
3, the charger in the course of work will produce a certain amount of heat, the bottom of the charger is strictly prohibited to place flammable items, such as flammable plastic or foam; charger and the surrounding area is strictly prohibited to cover any items; Please put the charger in a good ventilation Of the environment used. If you find that the smell is too high during the charging process or if the temperature of the charger housing is too high, the surface temperature of the case is higher than 65 ℃. Please stop charging immediately and send it to the maintenance department for inspection.