What Should Be Paid Attention To When Buying Electric Bike?

- Jul 18, 2017-

What should be paid attention to when buying Electric Bike?

Electric Bike have become an indispensable tool in people's life, mainly Electric Bike, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles and so on. Electric Bike green environmental protection not only, and flexible, working for people's life and travel offers many convenient, but a lot of friends when the choose and buy Electric Bike in a daze, exactly what kind of Electric Bike, electric bike what good or bad? How do e-bikes prevent theft? Today Electric Bike will solve these problems for everyone.

1. Look at the main configuration of Electric Bike

The key to the quality improvement of Electric Bike is: motor, controller, charger, battery. The quality of four large parts and the adaptation of four large parts are essential to the improvement of the performance of Electric Bike. Since the battery, motor, charger, and controller have specific best operating parameters, the best fit of each parameter should also be paid attention to when choosing four large pieces. Only the best fit can make the four pieces go into full play. Prolong the life of the battery, thus improving the performance of the vehicle.

A. motor: in addition to the light electric tricycle, the main choice is small power dc series motor. Have strong overload ability, the product is mature.

B. Controller: configure the controller of the speed adjusting hand to control the speed of the motor. That is to say, the speed can be adjusted freely in the willingness of the driver. The controller also has many subsidiary functions: limited flow protection, under-voltage protection, soft start function, anti-flying function, fault self-diagnosis function, etc. These features are not available in all of the market's gearbox, and consumers should pay special attention when choosing.

C. Charger: the main function is to charge the battery, convert alternating current to direct current and control its current and voltage to be charged into storage. In the premise that does not affect the battery life, it is mainly by the manufacturer to achieve the optimal charging effect.

D. battery: capacity of a set of new 36 v / 12 ah battery line continuation in general is about 50 km mileage, usually a day ride the longest distance is about 35 km suitable (due to road conditions affect the actual line continuation mileage), ride the longest distance of more than 50 km every day, and consider twice a day for the possibility of interval charging.

Look at the details of Electric Bike

A. First select the appearance quality of the vehicle, mainly to see whether the trademark and applique are in good condition, the paint parts, the electroplating parts, the plastic parts, the surface quality of the aluminum alloy parts are satisfied.

B. Check the quality of the vehicle assembly quality, it should be: a. All kinds of screws are in place and there is no looseness. B. The handlebars, the wheels, the chain, the crank, the pedal should be flexible, and the circle should be round and round. C. the handlebars, saddles, slabs, hangers, brackets should be fitted with positive or left-right symmetry, and there should be no obvious deflection.

C. Electric door key and battery lock should be tried. Electric door lock, battery lock and toolbox lock should be the most convenient one.

D. Open the electric door, turn the speed change handle, check the stepless speed change and brake (brake) power failure and brake effect, check whether the motor is running smoothly and the sound is normal.

E. By riding, experiencing the performance of the vehicle in person, decide whether to purchase or not. The problem is solved on the spot, if you can't solve it, you can ask for a new car.

F. Finally, the invoice, the charger, the certificate, the instruction manual, the three pack card and so on, and the proper preservation.