Why Is The Miscellaneous Tricycle So Cheap

Why Is The Miscellaneous Tricycle So Cheap

Date:Oct 05, 2020

Recently, a den that illegally assembles and sells electric motorcycles and electric tricycles has been seized, once again reminding everyone to be wary of miscellaneous, low-priced vehicles on the market.


According to investigations, this kind of "workshop"-style processing and production dens not only lack production qualifications, but also lack a complete supporting system. Most of them are engaged in refitting, assembling tricycles, and conducting OEM production and sales.

At present, there are many second-hand tricycles on the market flowing into this channel. The production workshops disassemble and assemble parts and components, and after simple painting treatment, they are sold at the price of new cars. According to an industry source, the price of refurbished electric tricycle motors is only about one-tenth of the original ones, which shows how profitable this black industry is.

Although these types of vehicles are cheap, they have no quality guarantee at all. Such tricycles have serious quality and hidden dangers on the road. Many dealers and consumers who don't know the truth are attracted.http://www.nwowtech.com

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